Ceremony at Humbledon Hillfort, Northumberland (c) Paul Degnan

Welcome to Northern Earth

Northern Earth takes a broad-based 'earth mysteries' or neo-antiquarian approach, looking at historical and contemporary cultural and geographical environments free from agendas or beliefs.

Our topic area includes megalithic sites, alignments, sacred landscapes, other landscape issues, folklore & tradition, esoteric traditions, strange phenomena and other aspects at the interface of human consciousness and the land from prehistory to the present...

We have been covering these areas for over thirty years, since our inception in an upstairs room in a Leeds pub in 1979! Today, we are the world's longest established voice in our particular field, offering distinct and unorthodox perspectives without relinquishing the standard requirements for reliable research and discussion.

We are also more than a journal, more than a website; from our very beginnings we have been organising field trips, conferences and other gatherings where readers can make contacts with other like-minded people and, we hope, feel part of an extended family of interests.

Best laid plans and all that....

As some of you may have realised, unexpected health issues have complicated the editorial switch-over at Northern Earth.

This means I have had to step back into the role on a *temporary basis* as of now. Kai has done most of the work on issue 141, which was of course due this month, and I shall be finishing it off as soon as I can. However, publication will certainly be further delayed because of existing arrangements on my part. Shortly, the NE address, editor@northernearth.co.uk, will be shifted back to me; please note that because of pre-existing arrangements there may be delays in responding, but I will reply to everything I receive.

Please bear with us in the interim and we hope we will be back on regular schedules as soon as possible.

This means a few other things – one being that we are looking for a team to take over editorial and admin duties later this year. This includes a web person, to design and run a new website, as well as people who can handle other aspects of the work. We are hoping to arrange a meeting of interested parties on June 28 – please watch for an announcement soon (via facebook, e-group and other online media) and email any expressions of interest to me at one of the email addresses here.

It also means that having been out of the loop for nearly a year, I now have to start finding articles again! So this is a call for contributions for future editions of NE, of any sort – articles, letters, news, reviews, events, illustrations, ads.... Send them in to me via the editorial address or personally.

If you have had communication delays with NE, then please resend your enquiry to me at the above address.

Thanks to Kai for NE 139 and 140 and hopefully he’ll be back with us again in the future to take NE forward as he was planning to do.

How do I find out more?

Want to find out more?  This web site is just the tip of a very big iceberg! Northern Earth, the magazine, is published four times a year available by subscription or selected stockists.  And the latest development is the ability to buy a subscription using PayPal.

There's a lot of information available here. Use the navigation along the top of the page to go to the key areas and the box on the left hand side will hold related links.

A few words on COPYRIGHT....

All the material on the web site is copyright either to Northern Earth and/or the author.  If you want to use it yourself, other than for personal study, please ask us. Thank you.


....and a few words on COOKIES

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